TricolorPES Patch 2017 Update V2.3

General characteristics:  
Add-on / Patch update that updates and modifies the execution of PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) in an environment of South American competitions, their leagues, and international tournaments, so that with your favorite team or LM and General leagues you can compete in the Santander Cup Libertadores, South American Qualifiers, Copa América, World Cup, etc. 

Specific characteristics: 
  • Integration of 1120 new faces
  • Integration of new stadiums
  • Integration of new boots, gloves and balls
  • Integration of participating teams in the UEFA Champions and Europa League (upgradeable)
  • New tattoo pack integration
  • Integration of Classical Teams from each Latin American country (two per country)
  • Integration of new equipment in each league
  • Integration of chants for the most representative Latin American teams
  • New audio pack
  • Update of signings of all leagues (upgradeable)
  • Update Kits Exposed to Date
  • Fix StadiumServer
  • Fix Tattos and Faces
  • Fix and introduction of new trophies
  • Fix general patch errors
  • Update Launcher and Switch of Leagues
And much more work ..........

Credits for use of third-party material:
Kdeux, PESWorldPatch, Bumburycraft, DafKits, Yucel11, Peslover, Santi69, Redux, Mohamed Alaa, gilaspeku, S.Elafify, Tizziano, Immortal, ErickTuts, Wens, Marceu Produções, Cholel Cesc, IDK, G-Style, SlimShady24, Rizki23 Cronus , Danny77, Minchosheen, Yadox87, Autentiko, Andrey_Pol and Gonduras2012, Luis, A.Mussoullini, Lucas, Emret, Sameh Momen, Tavin, Kendric, Chosefs, majuh, Sonofsan_69, Nesa, Juce, Devil Cold52, Baris, Suat Cagdas, Lagun 2 Starvin, Smeagol75, Kuyuca,,, Lucas FM, reza9, Klashman69, ARH Kitmaker, JoseMariaEcs, MRock77, Carrasco1Live, 4N63L, GgBlues, RenchoKits, MjTs, Kilay, Heromaximo, Kdeux, Bumburycraft, LuisFacemakerPes, Alejandro Pro, ANDRESKITS, Ivnkr, Killa Carrillo, Kiki Rocha, Griezmann Jefferson Ramsey, Wolf, Pedro_Luis_Rojas, Marcelo, Nizuma, EstalenSilva, secun1972,Chronoshack, tote_alkor, Jesus Hrs, hellishangel, NikoLiberty4, Nahue Facemaker, predator002, Orset, Ericktuts, adbul11akbel, Reza_S7, LE_Wyliam, Hafidvlaugrana, Daniel_Valencia, LF Facemaker, Colitux-Kits, Facemaker Euler, Ethan2, JEANKAESWIN, Sofyan Andri, Joker5 and others

To our associated supports:
AFA Evolution
PES Evolution Bolivian League
PES Soccer Peru

TricolorPES Editors Staff:
Joaquin Ariel
Benja Jara

And to all of you for relying on our work once again

NOTE: ENJOY this work, which cost us a lot of time, dedication and hard work, not steal BY PARTIES OR THE TOTAL OF ITS CONTENT IS EASY ORDER AUTHORIZATION AND PERMISSION.


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