Pes-Hellas patch2017 ver 3.00 released!! Consist of 8 parts + one extra part or you can download all of them as a torrent. If you choose to download parts you must install the parts and the extra part too because it has two missing files from parts!!!!Install information you will find at readme file.
*Before installation you must have ver1.00+fix2+ver2.00+small fix+big fix

Ver 3.00 contains:
-Added 16 new classic teams(Real Madrid,Barcelona,Milan,Manchester United,etc.)
-Added 4 new national teams(Armenia,Belarus,India,Myanmar)
-Added 750+ new faces to all competitions
-Added 3 new greek stadiums(Karaiskaki,Toumba,Apostolos Nikolaidis)
-Fixed Velodrome Stadium
-Added new coreos
-Fixed national teams stats
-Fixed colour radars for all teams
Pes-Hellas patch previous versions contains:
-Real emblems for all competitions
-Full greek super league 100%
-Bundesliga 100%
-Premier league 100%
-Sky bet championship 100%
-SERIE A 100%
-Serie b 100%
-La liga 100%
-La liga 2 100%
-liga zon sagres 100%
-Argentina and Chile league 100%
-MLS 100%
-J.LEAGUE 100%
-Full champions league teams(added missing teams Rostov,Celtic,Ludogorets,etc.)
-Full Europa League teams (zenit,apoel,shakhtar,etc.)
-Added Aris fc
-New asian teams(arema cronus,perth glory,T&T HANOI,etc.)
-real classic players
-real names of players in all national teams
-real kits to all national teams
-New stadiums,40 in total(3 of them are greek)
-New Minifaces
-New Scoreboard
-Chants for all greek teams
-Coreografia for a lot of stadiums
-new gloves
-new balls
-new graphics
-new boots
-new Menu
-Winter transfers
-15+ New national teams(Cyprus,Congo DR,Indonesia,Canada,etc.)
-10 New Classic Teams(Chalkidona,Parma,East Germany,etc.)
-Added new 10 mexican teams toother latin america teams
-Fixed faces for two default Classic Teams
-Added kits for T&T Hanoi
-4500+ New faces for all leagues
-Added tattoo for a lot of players
-New graphics(fog like fifa17,Diagonal rain,etc.)
-New menu like FIFA 17
-and much more
Xarisocfp7(Pes-Hellas general editor)
Pantel g7(for some faces, 3 greek stadiums, Camp Nou)
nico chris(for new classic teams)
kokkinos 7(for help with chants)
for full list of credits see readme file at the bottom


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