Pes-Hellas patch2017 AIO released! You can download it as a torrent. Install information you will find at readme file.

This version hasn't something new if you have pes-hellas patch series (ver 1.00+ver 2.00+ver 3.00+all fixes)!!! This torrent also contains the three official DLCs. You can manually install it with dpfilelist generator. But you must see the folder "manual" that patch contains for the right order!!!!
Pes-Hellas patch contains:
-Real emblems for all competitions
-Full greek super league 100%
-Bundesliga 100%
-Premier league 100%
-Sky bet championship 100%
-SERIE A 100%
-Serie b 100%
-La liga 100%
-La liga 2 100%
-liga zon sagres 100%
-Argentina and Chile league 100%
-MLS 100%
-J.LEAGUE 100%
-Full champions league teams(added missing teams Rostov,Celtic,Ludogorets,etc.)
-Full Europa League teams (zenit,apoel,shakhtar,etc.)
-Added Aris fc
-New asian teams(arema cronus,perth glory,T&T HANOI,etc.)
-real classic players
-real names of players in all national teams
-real kits to all national teams
-New stadiums,40 in total(6 of them are greek)
-New Minifaces
-New Scoreboard
-Chants for all greek teams
-Coreografia for a lot of stadiums
-new gloves
-new balls
-new graphics
-new boots
-new Menu
-Winter transfers
-19+ New national teams(Cyprus,Congo DR,Indonesia,Canada,Armenia,Belarus,etc.)
-26 New Classic Teams(Chalkidona,Parma,East Germany,Real Madrid,Barcelona,etc.)
-Added new 10 mexican teams toother latin america teams
-Fixed faces for two default Classic Teams
-Added kits for T&T Hanoi
-5250+ New faces for all leagues
-Added tattoo for a lot of players
-New graphics(fog like fifa17,Diagonal rain,etc.)
-New menu like FIFA 17
-Fixed colour radars for all teams
-Fixed rival clubs
-and much more
Xarisocfp7 (Pes-Hellas general editor)
Pantel g7 (for some faces, 3 greek stadiums, Camp Nou)
nico chris (for new classic teams)
kokkinos 7 (for help with teamchants)
… for full list of credits see readme file at the bottom