PC Patch 2019 1.01 (with 1.00 AIO)

- several kits have been fixed (eg for Juventus FC, Real Madrid, FC Porto)
- online compatibility for logos and kits

The Fix also has a new EDIT. So, if you wanted to keep your changes you made in the editor after patch installation, make a backup of this file or just uncheck "OF" during the fix installation.
However, this has the disadvantage that some kit errors will not be fixed. 


- Completely licensed 1. Bundesliga with correct logos, kits, team settings (coaches, numbers, lineups, stadiums, rivals) and squads

  • detailed strip styles for all players (boots, socks, etc.)
  • balanced stats on the basis of Football Manager
  • numeric team inititials (e.g. SLK -> S04)
  • correct team nationalities
  • Stadium designs adjusted (e.g. seat colours)
- Completely licensed Premier League, Championship, Serie A and La Liga with correct team names, logos and kits
- The 2 missing CL Teams and 2 additional EL Teams (Viktoria Plzen, Red Star Belgrade, RB Salzburg, Rapid Wien) with correct logos, kits, team settings and squads
- Fake players of all national teams, the Campeonato Brasileiro and classic teams replaced or correctly renamed
- Numerous teams name updates in every league
- Teams sorted alphabetically in their respective leagues
- Coaches for most and home grounds of many teams corrected (incl. pictures)
- DLC 2.0 national team coach mistakes fixed (old coaches appeared with the update)
- Rivals for all teams added

- Kits for national teams added
- Additional kits added for licensed teams (colour variations)
- Bundesliga kits with correct numbers and fonts

- Updated or newly added faces and/or tattoos for 220 players
- Over 600 new Minifaces (lineup pictures) for Bundesliga teams, Rapid Wien, RB Salzburg and Classic Teams
- Switch incl. DPFileList Editor, 33 ML press rooms and 21 scoreboards
- Ballpack consisting of 41 balls added
- Adboards by ctonian, chosefs and majuh

- Last Live Update and Data Pack 2.00 implemented
- online compatible kits and logos


supported by: 1002MB (Minifaces), Famiy, der_Chrise, Morlock68 (OF work and testing)

Hajnal30 (Switch), Hawke (NT Kits, Ballpack), Baris, ejogc327, tunizizou (Tools), 1002MB (Minifaces), DJMatt, Angeltorero, Rodrigoportell4, Canen, QFABIVSMAXIMO, EC27 (Kits), Famiy, Ginda, Ivankr (Pressrooms), Sho9_6 (Tattoos), bamabravesfan, Valencia_25, ronystan, maquiavelo40, joel7faces (Face Builds), ctonian, chosefs, majuh (Adboards), Prince Hamiz, Wima_2 (Faces)