PES 2019 GFX Mod 1.0 by Chuny

Little Introduction
I'm very excited to bring to you the GFX MOD for the third year in a row.
This year will be different. Better.
Thanks to @shawminator (for CGPE) and @juce (for LiveCPK) I've been able to edit PES native Color Grading LUT.
I first learnt about the LUT technique while editing FIFA in 15, then I started doing it for PES. But...then, while doing research for the first version of the GFX MOD for PES 2017, I discovered this magic secret, which is editing PES own LUT. PES native Color Palette. It wasn't possible for PES 2018 because the only tool we had to convert FTEX TO DDS (and viceversa) didn't allow this particular format.

What's the difference between this and ReShade/SweetFX?
  • First of all, there's no 3rd party tool/injector involved, this is PES own color palette. So it won't add input lag, it won't kill your FPS if you don't have a powerful system. It will run just as smooth as the game itself because... it's IN the game itself
  • Second of all, it won't affect ANYTHING else but the graphics within the match itself (during gameplay). So it won't change your menus. It won't change your Scoreboard's color. It won't affect the Power Bar colors nor the Hud. Nothing. Just the graphics while you play