Tutorial to Create A Separate UniformParemeter.bin

1. Making your Kit files (using Chelsea as an example)
 First create your kit textures Kits/Numbers/Name/Mask(srm) & convert to ftex with FtexTool by @Tunizizou .
1b. Then make your kit config bins with Kit Studio 2018 by @zlac remembering to use the latest UniColor.bin from DLC1.
2. Preparing files for UniformParameterBuilder (using Chelsea as an example)
 Create a folder called "UniPara" & extract dt34_x64.cpk to that folder...Now keep this folder structure.."UniPara\common\character0\model\character\uniform\team" you can delete the "Asset" folder. Note: keep ALL existing sub folders.. kit config folders inside the team folder...don't delete those.
2b. Now extract DLC1 (dt80_100E_x64.cpk) & copy the contents of that "team" folder to your "UniPara\common\character0\model\character\uniform\team" folder overwriting as necessary.
2c. Now we need to add the Chelsea kit config files to the "team" folder so they can be added to UniformParameter.bin when we create it...so go to your "UniPara-team" folder & open the folder "102"...inside will be 3 fake kit config files "102_DEF_1st/102_DEF_2nd/102_DEF_GK1st" delete these 3 files.. you don't need them. Now place the Chelsea kit config files that you made with Kit Studio 2018 (102_DEF_1st_realUni.bin etc..see part 1b) in that same "102" folder..the one you just deleted the fake bins from.

3. Making your new UniformParameter.bin
 Now run UniformParameterBuilder & drag n drop the team folder from the "UniPara" folder to "Pack individual .bin files"

Screenshot (41).png 

3b. When UniformParameterBuilder has finished you will see 2 bin files in the programs folder....move zlibbed_UniformParameter.bin to your Desktop & rename it UniformParameter.bin.
4. Preparing your files for custom CPK creation (using Chelsea as an example)
. Now make a folder called "Kits" this is going to be your custom CPK name. (you can call it what you want but for this tutorial we will call it Kits)
4b. Inside the "Kits" folder add the folder structures "Asset\model\character\uniform\texture\#windx11" &"common\character0\model\character\uniform\team".
4c. Put your created Chelsea ftex files (see part 1a) inside the folder "#windx11" & then copy & paste your custom "102" folder (the one with your custom Chelsea kit config bins in) from "UniPara-team" to the folder named "team"
 Place your newly created UniformParameter.bin (the one you renamed & placed on your Desktop) + your edited UniColor.bin (the one you used in Kit Studio 2018 when you created your kit config .bins) into the same "team" folder.


Your "Kits" team folder should look like the image below.
your "Kits" #windx11 folder should look similar to this (I've added more team kits & CL kits..but you get the drift)
5. Creating your custom CPK
 Open CriPackedFileMaker & drag n drop the "Kits" folder into the program...now click "Build CPK file"


Note: Keep your UniPara folder & your Kits folder safe so you can add more kits as & when you want to.


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