PES 2018 PS3 Potato Patch v1


Update files updated with Live Update 24-9-17 (Thanks to @ DR77).
Correct logos for all competitions.
Correct logos for all teams.
Correct names for all teams
Correct kits for Premier League, Serie A, Serie B, LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3, League NOS and Skybet Championship.
Superliga Argentina: Added Argentines Jrs and Chacarita Jrs with correct Kits.
Kits improved in quality and in some cases replaced by true ones (adapted from PS4 to PS3 by me) - Added 4th Kit for Mouth and 3rd Kit for River.
(The players of Chacarita are fictitious, it will be solved in prox update)
Edited Bayern Munich: Minifaces, Kits, Logos and Real Formation - 5 Real Faces applied (Coman, Ribery, Ulreich, Rafinha and Bernat) By Maestro Poltergeist and editemospes.
Diego Maradona and Usain Bolt as free agents to use in LM and Become a Legend modes (Extracted from MyClub and adapted by me).
The preseason LM preseason tournaments that Konami added this year were replaced with name and logo by: Florida Cup, Emirates Cup, International Champions Cup,
International Champions Cup Singapore - Konami League and Konami Cup replaced by Concacaf League and International Champions Cup.
National Teams: All Licensed with Real Uniforms and Training. Added selection of Indonesia with Kit and Real players. (By @ DR77)
Cronos V2 Ballpack
Bootpack and Glove Pack Season 2018 By Wenstech
AlexVegas Stadium Pack - 40 Stadiums in total (Anfield Road, Morelos, Centennial, Etihad Stadium, Singal Iduna Park, Stamford Brige, Heart Line, Maracaná etc.) with Adboards, Pitch and Turf HD.
Canticles By Preds04 - Canticles for all teams in all leagues (up to 4 slots per team and in some cases more) - Hymns for most selections when playing a final
New Intro (Valencia "We take off"
New Soundtrack (12 new songs chosen by you through the contest on Facebook)
Color of the uniforms when choosing which kit to use and on the radar, corrected for all equipment and selections
Classic Teams: Correct Emblems and Kits (templates in prox upgrade)
Referee KitPack V3 ByCronos
Brasileirão: Correct players for all teams.
Added TP Mazembe FC (Replaces Pleasure Horn) in other African teams, to give it a bit more realism with real kits and emblems (this team always appears when we play the club club in LM)
beiN Sports HD Repeat Logo
Bundesliga, MX League and J-League are still under construction


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