PES 2018 PS4 CYPES Option File 2.0

COMPLETE CONTENT (Content updated from patch 1.5 and 1.6 is highlighted in green )
- 100% CREATED BUNDESLIGA Championship (number, player statistics, faces, jerseys, name of the stadiums, name of the coaches) - please read the information required for the installation below
- Added player licenses for NATIONAL TEAMS (player name corrections, duplicates, adding jerseys for Europe & Africa, coaches, banners & face updates for Asian national teams and North America)
- 100% of the Liga 123 (Spanish D2) licenses  (names, logos, jerseys, name of stadiums, names of coaches etc.)
- 100% name of clubs, logos, jerseys & details (name and correct attribution of stadiums, names of coaches, rival clubs) of the Premier League and Liga Santander teams (MAJ: Color corrections of some jerseys)
- 100% of the logos and names of the competitions (Update: Bundesliga updated - Badge on the sleeves)
- Name, logo, jerseys and details (name of stadium, coach & rival clubs) of Juventus of Turin
- Details created 100% for Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 (name and correct attribution of stadiums, name of coaches)
(Update: Addition of the new jersey of OM as 4th jersey)
- 100% name of clubs, logos, jerseys & details of La Liga NOS (Portugal)
- 4 missing teams from the 100% champions league (Celtic / Apoel Nicosia / Qarabag / Maribor)
- 100% of the licenses of the English Division 2, Italian (names, logos, jerseys, names of stadiums, names of coaches etc.)
/! \ IMPORTANT /! \
Go to the edit mode, then in the "Competition Format" menu> then go to the menu "Number of teams entered"> For the Bundesliga, choose 18 teams.
Go back in the competition format menu, you just have to change the order of the teams by choosing the German teams in "Others Europe" and drag them in place of the fictitious or non-German teams of the "Bundesliga" championship. (Pictures below)
- For PC players: If you encounter a problem after importing the created teams (Have several Thiago in the Bayer's squad for example) go to the Edit mode, then the bugged team's game plan; then go to the Load data menu on the far right and put the default game plan, the bug will disappear.)
- The 3rd box of step 7 of the tutorial must be checked if you have already installed a CYPES patch in order to overwrite the previous image data. 
- The 2nd box of step 7 of the tutorial "Apply player / staff data" must be ticked when you import teams BUNDESLIGA, THE 4 MISSING TEAMS OF THE LOCAL, AND THE NATIONAL TEAMS)
- The live update must have been made before installing the entire patch
(if not, update and re-install the Bundesliga, missing LDC teams and teams national afterwards)
- Remember that if you want to play 2 with the team patch (ex: Bayern) it will be necessary for the second  
player to be connected to a PSN account. (Make sure you have also validated Sony's usage agreement in the second account.)
- In the exhibition menu, if you want to play with Bayern (and all teams created), you will have to  deactivate the live update by pressing R3 at the time of the team selection.
(It will not affect anything in your data)