PES 2018 Big Reddit Community Collection Patch Update 1 AIO by eulinho

Update 1
Updated many kits including EPL, Championship and La Liga 1+2 with better and more actual ones

a few days ago i found this nice collection of many Files added to PC.
So i decided to take a look and was very surprised, that Bundesliga shows up correctly, with all squads, players (nearby all, checked not the youth players), kits and logos.

I also checked the other Leagues and everything looked fine, except the Liga NOS and Serie B and some Bundesliga Kits were missing.

Now i collected actual Serie B Kits from DJMatteo and old ones from PESEDIT Patch 2017. They look ok for me ingame, only the sockets are a bit shifted (don't bother me). I also added missing Liga NOS Kits with 4N63L_77 ones and added all missing Bundesliga kits.
So big thanx to all Kit-, Graphic- and Logoeditors!

I don't claim any editing, except collecting the kits and importing them into PC Version and with the words of the first release i would say:
"Combined lots of option files together and put them all in order, deleted and corrected lots of errors so we now have one big working patch now.

As this is a community patch any trusted person can update it and re-upload with new updated content when available."

1. Rename save Folder in Path: User\Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018\save
2. Copy unpacked save Folder to mentioned Path
3. Copy your Replays, ML or other savegames and don't forget the system00000 File (this is where your ingame settings are saved!)
4. Start game and have fun 


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