PES 2017 OF PTE Patch 5.3 Update 16.07 by Ferdiyansyah

Features :
– Compatible Repack Stadium Donnyavia
– Fix Team Bug Manager (By Sofyan Andri)
– Fix Team Bug Some League (By Sofyan Andri)
– Fix Team Bug in Exibition Match (By Sofyan Andri)
– Fix Rival Club (By Sofyan Andri)
– Fix Home Ground (By Sofyan Andri)
– Update Transfer for All Clubs (By Ferdiyansyah Surya Pratama)
– Update structure league (By Ferdiyansyah Surya Pratama)
– Update new coach di beberapa club ( By Ferdiyansyah Surya Pratama )

How to Install :
Go to C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save
Make a backup copy of your EDIT00000000
Paste the new EDIT00000000 and overwrite over the old one.