PES 2017 Apocaze Patch v.5 (Last Patch)

(Released 8th July 2017)
#The Features.

1. Transfers Update.

Updated Summer Transfer 2017/2018 for European League and Club Competition (updated to 7th July 2017).
[Image: 20170706153111_1.jpg]
[Image: 20170706153210_1.jpg][Image: 20170706153544_1.jpg]

2. Player Faces & Overal Ratings.

Updated European, South American, And Some Asian Football Player Faces. And also brand new stats for some player.
[Image: 20170706155231_1.jpg]
[Image: 20170706153709_1.jpg][Image: 20170706154116_1.jpg]
[Image: 20170706155418_1.jpg]

3. Player Tatto

Updated Player Tatto
[Image: 20170706160637_1.jpg][Image: 20170706160658_1.jpg][Image: 20170706161111_1.jpg]

4. Updated European Team & Regulation For 2017/2018 Season

New European Team, Liga MX, Liga CLS, And Other American Clubs
[Image: 20170620131112_1.jpg][Image: 20170620131121_1.jpg][Image: 20170620131124_1.jpg][Image: 20170620131130_1.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]

5. Updated European Kits

Updated Some European Club Kits For New Season 2017/2018
[Image: 20170706155640_1.jpg][Image: 20170706155853_1.jpg]

6. Graphics Overhaul

Fantastic good looking patch Ever! Trust me
[Image: 20170706161436_1.jpg]
[Image: 20170706155932_1.jpg][Image: 20170706161958_1.jpg][Image: 20170706162035_1.jpg][Image: 20170706162102_1.jpg]

7. Ball, Glove & Boots

Updated Our brand new ball, glove & boots. Including newest Boots.
[Image: 20170706154513_1.jpg][Image: 20170706154540_1.jpg][Image: 20170706154726_1.jpg][Image: 20170706154934_1.jpg][Image: 20170706154934_2.jpg]

#How To install this?
1. Download All Files (5) Part of Apocaze Patch v.5 Link Below
2. Make Sure you have already installed Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, And Keep it Original (No Moods Installed Before)
3. Extract all Rar Files, then Copy to your Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Directory Ex: C:\Program Files\Konami\PES 2017\Here
4. Download Dpfilelist Generator DLC3
5. Open Dpfilelist Generator DLC3, Follow this pic (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! FOLLOW THIS STEPS)
[Image: screenshot-156.png?w=680]
6. Then, Click Generate DpFilelist.bin (on the red button)
7. Play

#The Credits
Apocaze Team: 
Apocaze111 (Alfi) - Lanaya89 (Fakhri) - Ashyunayukki (Tito)

Special Thanks: 

Irvanlana, PES Team MIX, Muhammad Jana, PesLover, Oxarapesedit,Various, Sofyan Andri, KONAMI, Allah SWT, Muhammad SAW, Cronos, jet_da, WER Facemaker, Sameh Momen, Jonathan Facemaker, Autentiko, 1002MB, Brilyan, Mo Ha, Andrey Pol, Ahmed Elshenawy,Nemanja, Hawke, GGBlues, RTPES, Pribowo Subekti, Txax, DrDoooMuk, DonnyAvia, FarelJuncak, , juniorsantos021, PantelG7, InMortal, FastEagle, Various, Sarjono, Tisera09, Lagun-2, Volun, Estarlen Silva, Fathurrohman Alief , Yogi's, sxsxsx, PesScreen, Roisy, Abrar Wiryawan,Guruh Puan Putranto.!