Sider For PES 2017 by juce and nesa24

Changelog 3.3.2
– [FIX]: stadium thumbnail and name are now correctly shown before kick-off
– [NEW]: match_info in context: can be used to determine if the match is a final
– [NEW]: match_leg in context: is set to 1 or 2, for two-legged knocked-out rounds
– [BUG-FIX] : match_info is now available in the context. ( didn’t have it)
See docs/scripting.txt for information about “match_info”. It varies based on what the match is.
See modules/stadium.lua – for how to determine a tournament final. Basically it’s like this:
-- check if this is UEFA CL final:
if ctx.tournament_id == 13 and ctx.match_info == 53 then


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